Can you believe Febraury is just around the corner?  How do you make February 14th amazing for the special person in your life?

It's great to go big - jewelry, gadgets, life's neccesities.  But what generally means more to me personally is a number of small thoughtful gifts.  A hand written card (I might have a few of those in my shop for you to choose from - shameless promotion!), a shrinky dink pin hidden in my lunchbox, a new mug with a clever saying, full of coffee waiting for me on my way out the door.  Wow me with romance all day long.

The life lesson here, is some times the smallest details can be the most romantic.  For me they show you pay attention, and notice the little things that matter to me - you value our inside jokes and shared experiences.  So my recomendation for this Valentine's day?  Think small.  Spend that Valentine's budget on little thoughtful gifts, and leave the diamonds for the anniversary celebration. :)